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Experience You Can Count On

 At Isooto, we solve many of your corporate issues so that your nonprofit organization can devote its time to achieving its goals. We cover many of the critical needs of associations, foundations, and all kinds of nonprofit organizations; adapting the services to the obligations and characteristics of each client, we seek to help them in their innovation systems and boost their place in the digital industry.

We have a team with experience, professionalism, and commitment to social organizations. We provide value-added solutions that give meaning to the structure and philanthropic management of entities, always supported by the expertise provided by our professionals.

We carry out a constant follow-up of all the aspects of labor transcendence for the entity, keeping it informed at all times of the necessary details so that the decision-making process is the most convenient at each moment. We work with hundreds of associations and foundations; we are up to date with the obligations and needs linked to the third sector. We know what we do.


What do we do?

We want to help you help.

We provide in-depth consulting services to identify the weaknesses in your organization that can be addressed to improve overall performance. 

We also find opportunities that arise in the sector where you operate. With us, the growth and success of your organization are ensured through our strategies to maximize the impact on the community. The keys to our service are planning, execution, and human resources. Only in this way, and working as a team, will we be able to take your organization to the next level.

We look at the nonprofit from 3 points of view to maximize the impact: organizational innovation, donor retention, and staff retention.

As a consultancy, we have the experience and preparation to analyze and propose improvements in the management of nonprofits. You can have your program evaluated to improve your processes, cost, and production measurements. Your organization can also receive a comprehensive plan to reduce donor turnover and increase your fundraising success. Besides, we offer you a thorough check on how your staff and volunteers feel about their experiences so that we will optimize the management systems according to their feedback.

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Our process is designed  to empower your team and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, improve donor retention, reduce cost and put you on a solid track to success.

The Team


Debra Steward Phd - Senior Consultant

Debra holds several degrees in business administration and religious institution management.

Debra prides her seld in completing projects in the spirit of excellence and always believes in making sure that her work has the mark of quality and distinction.

Being a consultant for over ten years has have seen a lot and heard a lot in business and nonprofits.

Debra brings a keen eye for detail to the organization. She excels in creating and designing process that are repeatable, scalable and easy to understand.

Debra has over 15 years of leadership experience with nonprofits and is a valued member of the team. 


Maurice Davis, SA - Managing Partner/ Consultant

Maurice is a  Program/Project Manager that is certified in scaled agile and holds his green belt in six sigma. 

Maurice derives satisfaction in managing the overall operations of non-profit organizations to improve the well-being of underserved communities- huge emphasis on women, and minority groups such as people of color and LGBTQ.

He has a dogged desire to work for my community to bring about positive change.

Maurice has over 8 years working with nonprofits in which he has severed many board roles such as:

  • Treasurer - 3 years
  • Vice President  - 2years
  • President - 2 years